Affiliate is one of marketing forms that you can earn commission based on your recommendation. In details, when you refer someone to an online store and that person buy any item through your introduction, you will receive an amount of money as a commission. This is an effective module for any online store to build their own marketplace. If you are running an online store, you should not miss this review about Magento 2 Affiliate extension by Mage-World!

Highlight Features

1. Clear and easy to interact with

First of all, let’s take a look at the affiliate account management system.

magento 2 affiliate extension

This page has an user-friendly interface so affiliates have no difficult in managing their account. Affiliates are able to check all activities from their accoutns. Those are transaction history, commission, withdrawal, invitations.. They can also manage affiliate network, programs or banners as well. Finally, this extension helps affiliates to summarize activity insights with reports. There are different date ranges for them to select.

2. Multi-level marketing system

multi marketing level

This Magento 2 Affiliate extension is a superior module for every business. It allows store owners to create affiliate tiers and set different commission level to each one. When customers buy product through child-affiliate’s link, affiliate parent still receive a commission. The amount of commission is decided by the store owner.

3. Refer friends via multiple ways

magento 2 refer friends

Affiliates have various ways to share their invitations to friends and family. First of all, they can use social networks to send invitations. There are over 200 social buttons for them to use. This is a great deal! Besides, affiliates can send invitations via email. They can also place banner on other websites to promote the product and motivate customers to buy.

4. Flexible system

This extension is able to calculate commission based on cookies and client IP. When buyers visit the site via affiliate link, their cookies will be saved to the system for a period of time. If next time they come back and purchase products, the affiliate still earn commissions. This is an advantage for affiliates that ensures their benefit.

In addition, the system will subtract commission automatically if customers require a refund or cancel the order.

5. Program management

magento 2 affiliate_management

Store owners are able to change the information on each program. Those are program name, commission proportion, valid date, group of users, priority.

The back-end configuration is devided into categories, it is easy to follow and interact on the page.


This Magento 2 Affiliate extension is kind of a should-have extension for your online store. I have installed this extension to one of my store and it run very well. As stated from Mage-World, the extension is based on an open-source platform so it is easy to use or customize. All the function listed on the site are available. If you are considering an Affiliate extension for your site, you should try this one.