Customers often have a lot of questions to ask before buying a product but you may not always available to response to customers immediately. Then, customers will waste their time waiting for your reply. In order to save your time answering the same question form different customers, I would like introduce to you this Magento 2 FAQ extension by Mage-World.

The convenient extension saves time for both store owners and customers. This module lets shop owners provide a list of common questions and its answer so that customers can see the answers for their questions by visiting the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

Highlight Features

  • Smart search box

magento 2 faq extension

When customers insert a keyword into the search box, the questions and answers related to that word will be demonstrated right under. So, it is easier for customers when experiencing the “Frequently Asked Questions” page. They can find what they are looking for by just typing a word.

  • Divide questions into different categories

free magento 2 faq extension

The module displays all questions on one page so customers will not waste time redirecting page by page. When creating new FAQ, store owners can assign the question to different categories so that customers can interact on the page better. The categories are managed in the back-end.

  • Collapse/expand to view the answer of the question

As mentioned above, all the questions are displayed on the FAQ page. With this Magento 2 FAQ extension, customers can click onto the question and its answer will be shown underneath. It helps customers to save time redirecting from one page to another page.

  • Configurable page layout and style

magento 2 faq free

This Magento 2 FAQ extension has multiple choices for FAQ page layout and style. Store owners can choose page layout as 1 column or 2 columns with right/left sidebar. The module also contains 2 style for the online store:

– Ajax: This style shows categories one by one. When customers click on a category, only the questions belongs to that category will be shown.

– Smooth scroll: When clicking on a category, all the questions are still listed on FAQ page but the selected category is focused. This style gives a slightly look with the sliding motions.


I haven’t expected a lots for a free extension like this but what it brings is really superior! This is a convenient function for the site that saves much time of discussing between customers and shop owners. In addition, the module is easy to install and use. Try right now because it’s FREE!