Researches show that free gifts can gain more customers attraction and raise the potential of success orders. This is a good module for every store because the Magento 2 default has limited functionality. This Magento 2 Free Gift extension from Amasty allows users to run multiple promotions by giving free gifts. The extension helps to build customers’ loyalty effectively and enhances your sales significantly.

Highlight Features

  • Showing catchy banners to notice customers of the promotions

magento 2 free gift

This function allows store owners to place promotion banners on places that easy to catch customers’ eyes. It can be on the top of the product page or above the “Add to cart” button. Customers can easily see the current promotions and it would motivate them to purchase orders. This function is really effective for every promotion programs.

  • Flexible rule conditions

free gift magento 2

Shop owners are able to create gifting rules unconditional based on given attributes. The promotion rules can be modified to fit any specific needs.

  • Take care of customers experience

magento 2 free gift extension

This Magento 2 Free Gift extension displays all available gifts on a pop-up and customers can choose their favorite one. When customers meet the condition to receive gifts, the present will be shown in the cart with a highlighted text label. Even configurable items can be added as free gift and customers have the ability to choose the size or color as they expected.

Another point makes this extension outstanding others is it lets shop owners offer non-free items. By showing discounted products, you can introduce some products to customers and have the chance to plus your sale.

  • Auto add free gifts to cart for specific products¬†

Gifting customers when their order meet your specific requirement such as “Buy 2 X get 1 Y” or “Buy A get B”.. Set different gifts to different products and let your customers choose their favored item.


Every customers love free gifts, no doubt! And this extension brings shop owners an oppotunity to gain more customers satisfaction. Offering free gifts is like a motivation for customers to complete orders. They will try to reach the given conditions to receive “free gifts”. And i am sure this extension will helps to build your customer loyalty as well.