Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension was developed to decrease cart abandonment rate and plus store’s sale conversions. Normally, customers have to redirect pages to complete the checkout process. This extension simplifies those complicated steps, helps customers to have an easier and faster shopping experience.

Instead of redirecting page by page, customers can complete their order right on one page. The extensions reduces the complicated steps, store owners would gain more customers’ satisfaction when installing this extension to your site.

magento 2 one step checkout

Highlight Features

  • Fill customers address automatically based on Google Places: When customers type the first characters of their address into the field, a drop-list of address suggestion will appear. So, they can choose one between those results instead of filling full address handy.
  • Optional orders for order information fields, remove the field you do not want to show: In the back-end, you can configure the order of each field. Moreover, this extension allows you to exclude unnecessary fields.
  • Support almost third-party shipping methods: This Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension is stated to support 9/10 third-party shipping modules. In addition, you can use delivery date picker module to let customers choose their shipping date and time.
  • Support different payment methods: The extension is compatible with different payment methods such as PayPal,, Sagepay..
  • Able to edit product quantities in order summary: In the final checkout step, customers are able to add or reduce product quatities without going back to the product page. This function saves time for customers that they do not have to redirect page by page.
  • Auto redirect to checkout page when adding a product to cart: When customers add a product to cart the system will redirect them to the checkout page automatically. You can turn on this function in the back-end configuration.


Checkout is such an important step that affects directly to the cart abandonment rate. This Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension totally satisfies what we need for a convenient checkout system. First of all, the extension is very easy to install or customize. All listed functions on are available and run fluently. The default checkout system of Magento was quite good until I use this extensions. Furthermore, the provider has compacted 6 complicated into only one page. I am sure that when customers experience this function they will feel satisfied with the fast checkout!

The price of this extension is quite expensive but I think it worths.